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91 Club Withdrawal: Welcome 91 club color prediction game users at 91clubapk.app, This game is widely popular in the world and people are making lot of money through playing games on this app. There are number of games in this application in which you can bid money if you predict right then your bid amount become double. And if you have already won money here. Now you want to know 91 club withdrawal process this article is for you.

91 Club Withdrawal

In this article we will tell what mistakes you should avoid so that you can receive your winning amount in your bank account successfully during the withdrawal process. Along with that we have guided you to take customer support in case you face withdrawal issue.

Money Withdrawal Process on 91 Club App 

If you are playing color prediction games on 91 Club and you have won real money over there. And now you want to withdraw that money in to your bank account. For that you have to first add bank account in the app. Adding bank account is mandatory or you can add UPI , credit card , debit card for the payment method. To avail all the features of the game, you should recharge your account at least with the minimum amount Rs 100.

Follow the steps given below to complete 91 Club withdrawal process successfully. 

1-step: Open the App in your device and Click on Account button.

Money Withdrawal Process on 91 Club App 


2-step: Now go to the Withdraw section

3-step: After that enter the amount that you want to withdraw from your wallet

4-step: Finally click on the withdraw button.

Money Withdrawal Process on 91 Club App 

91 Club Withdrawal Problem Solution

Have you tried to withdraw money from 91 Club application? and it is showing “failed”. Well here is the problem solution of 91 club withdrawal issue. There are few reasons like wrong IFSC code , Incorrect Account Number, Insufficient balance in app wallet because of these transaction get “failed”.  If you have checked these all details and they are filled correct. Then you may take 91 club customer support. The team will resolve your issue but for that you have to fill basic form given in the Live Chat in account section.

Customer Support 91 Club

If you are facing problem during the withdrawal process on the app. Let us tell you why users face this problem. Because of heavy transaction on the app and it get fail sometimes. Do not worry you can take customer support for the technical glitch. They are highly responsive they will solve your problem. Customer support team ask 91 club withdrawal order number, screenshot as a proof.

Follow the steps given below to complete resolve your problem.

1-step: Click and ACCOUNT button and then choose customer service.

Customer Support 91 Club

2-step: Click on Live Chat bot or the floating icon as shown in mage.

3-step: Choose the withdrawal problem form the scroll bar as shown below.

Customer Support 91 Club

4-step: Enter your 91 club account ID.

5-step: Click on submit button and your issue will be resolve within 24 hours.

91 Club Withdrawal time

24 HOURS, it is safe to transfer your winning amount from wallet to bank account through out the day. successful transaction does not depend on timing. But there is a limit you can do it only for 3 times in a day in whole 24 hours.


91 Club Withdrawal Proof

Withdrawal process sometimes stops on the 91 club app because of heavy traffic and that is why user search for the  proof. If you are also wondering then for proof we have only the withdrawal history. As you can watch below. The process resume after sometime as the glitch resolve.


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91 Club withdrawal process stops sometimes due to it’s large number of users try to complete transaction at same time. Just wait for few minutes it starts again and then you can proceed for payment. It get fail then you should check your details that you have filled like bank account number and IFSC code and others. Or may take customer support by visiting the customer services section. We do not recommend you to play games and bid money on any betting application.

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